29 Feb

Dog Auditions

March 7th -10am at The Chantry Centre in Dursley.


Chihuahua (Bruiser):

  • Ideally Runs on the stage on its own
  • Needs to be able to be scooped up and carried 
  • Would be great if could sit on command and even better if could bark on command but this isn’t essential. 
  • Will be walked on a lead and placed in a handbag


Bulldog (Rufus):

  • Will be walked on a lead
  • Will need to be carried at one point in the show


Should you apply? (Applies to both dogs)

  • Temperament – your dog should be relaxed, good with people and enjoy a good fuss
  • Responsive to commands – your dog should respond to ‘come here’, ‘sit’ and so on rather than just wandering off and doing its own thing
  • Tricks – judges aren’t necessarily expecting tricks, but if your dog has any, they would love to see them. They will get five minutes to show off, and if their skills are good enough they could end up in the show!
  • Experience – not absolutely essential, but if your dog has some form of stage experience it will be a huge bonus. Even the most confident of dogs can suddenly be affected by the lights, the band and the huge round of applause they are bound to receive on their big entrance!
  • Available for show week (3rd – 9th May) and selected rehearsals (Rufus will be needed from April 14 onwards and Bruser from 17th March) 

if you have any further questions please get in touch! Info@the-dods.com